Fentanyl Abuse

Prescription fentanyl is an opioid medication to treat pain. Unfortunately, because it is so potent, there is a high rate of misuse and abuse, which means the possibility for overdose is also incredibly high. And like any other opioids such as morphine or heroin, people who use prescription medical-grade fentanyl on top of their prescribed pain reliever run into the risk of dependence – meaning if they stop using the drug altogether then withdrawal symptoms will occur including the possibility for depression and other mental health problems.

The resources below will help you better understand this drug and the addictive side effects. You are always welcome to reach out to us for additional information and help with the steps towards recovery for you or a loved one.

Fentanyl Abuse Resources

cropped shot of african american man praying with holy bible

Bible Verses About Addiction

Spirituality can be a powerful tool in recovery. It can provide you with purpose, support, and hope for the future. …

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Drug addiction

Opioid Overdoses Rise During Covid-19

The opioid crisis in the United States was already serious. In 2017, 47,600 people in the United States died from an opioid …

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Empty bed in hospital room

Surge in Opioid Overdoses Causes Panic in Pasadena

On September 11 and 12, 2020, 7 men in the city of Pasadena, California all suffered from drug overdoses. To …

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medicine bottles and pills

Is Fentanyl a Narcotic?

Fentanyl is a Schedule II drug, meaning that the United States’s Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) considers it a significant drug of …

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one teenager lying on the bed of the hospital - sick man waiting at the doctor alone

How Much Fentanyl Does it Take to Overdose?

Prescription fentanyl is an opioid medication that is most commonly prescribed as an analgesic. Given its potency, it is an …

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Pills Production

Who Makes Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a Schedule I opioid drug that is currently playing a pivotal role in the United States’ opioid epidemic. …

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Medication pill in a row against a wood background. White pill bottle

Is Fentanyl an Opiate?

Fentanyl currently dominates the news, with story after story being written about lives being prematurely cut short due to a fentanyl …

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Pharmacist holding pill bottle

What is Fentanyl Prescribed For?

Fentanyl is an opioid drug that is available by prescription only. Unlike natural and semi-synthetic opioids that are derived from the …

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