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What Is Mar Vista Sober Living?

Our sober living home in Mar Vista provides young men with limitless resources for addiction recovery. The most important is the community of other sober young men who live at the home. Our thriving addiction recovery community is inclusive of residents and graduates alike. Residents also attend daily 12-step meetings in Mar Vista and surrounding cities, which helps them further expand their sober social support system. Residents also often have other needs, including psychiatric and medical appointments, and our central location in Mar Vista makes accessing these resources convenient.

At Design for Recovery, however, we believe that addiction recovery is about more than just quitting substances. It is about constructing a new life and discovering joy in sobriety. To that end, we arrange numerous outings so that residents can take advantage of all that the city has to offer. Outings include impromptu sports games in the park, trips to the beach, and hikes. Our Mar Vista home is also only a few blocks away from grocery stores, shopping center, and other necessary amenities. For residents and families who hope to venture off on their own, the number of attractions and activities in Mar Vista is practically limitless.

Places worth visiting in and near Mar Vista

To a newly sober person, the idea of having “sober fun” may sound ridiculous, or even like an oxymoron. Learning to relax and find joy in everyday activities without the crutch of drugs and alcohol is a skill that takes learning. However, the residents at Design for Recovery ultimately discover that sobriety offers far more joy than substance abuse ever did. While sober fun may initially be challenging, having a community of sober friends makes the process a lot easier. By going out with other residents, even the most reluctant person will likely find themselves laughing and having a good time. This is the gift of living at Design for Recovery.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is often one of the first places visitors to Southern California go. Its beachside boardwalk is known to be frequented by eccentric characters and street entertainers, making it a great place for people-watching. It also offers shopping, skating, and a bicycle path. There’s something for just about everybody here. And while you’re here, don’t forget to stop by the Venice Canals Walkway, with its man-made wetland canals.

Santa Monica Pier

While Southern California offers many beachside attractions, none of them quite compare to the Santa Monica Pier. Boasting picturesque ocean views, an enormous Ferris wheel, and a bustling arcade, the pier is an exciting place to pass the time no matter how old you are.


Mar Vista is only a short drive away from Downtown LA, a bustling area of the city that is known for its cultural landmarks and thriving nightlife. Take Angel’s Flight for a ride, visit The Last Bookstore, see a concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall, or go to one of Grand Central Market’s many delicious restaurants.

Mar Vista Farmers Market

Every Sunday, local farmers peddle their products at Mar Vista Farmers Market. If you are interested in having a fresh-cooked dish or enjoy people watching, this can be a great place to hang out with some friends. Otherwise, just stop by to pick up some locally sourced organic produce.


Southern California may be best known for being the home of the entertainment industry, but internationally it is also known as a major art area. Smaller art galleries are dispersed throughout every neighborhood, but major museums like LACMA, the Getty Center, and the Getty Villa are mostly located on the Westside. Many of them even offer one free day of the week.

The Home

Design for Recovery’s sober living home near Mar Vista offers residents a relaxing and supportive home where they can make connections in a new community and begin to implement new skills. For many graduates looking back, Design for Recovery Mar Vista is where they experienced a transformation and began living lives that they had at one point considered impossible.

Built in 1979, our Mar Vista home is both spacious and aesthetically pleasing. It also offers breathtaking views. This 2,515 square foot home contains 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The residents includes all imaginable modern amenities, including central heat and air conditioning, large walk-in closets, and a spacious backyard with fruit trees.

The home’s living room and family room are where most of our residents congregate. Weekly house meetings allow residents and staff to work through problems and come together as a community. Residents also relax in the family room throughout the week. This spacious room contains a high-end entertainment system, with a flat screen television and surround sound. Other forms of recreation include bookshelves that offer residents opportunities for reflection, entertainment, and self-development. Our outside yard contains fitness equipment which residents can use to blow off steam and improve their health.

Residents do all of their own cooking in our modern kitchen, where cutting edge appliances are available to ensure that residents can cook delicious and healthy meals for themselves. Our residents also hold regular group dinners, during which certain residents will cook for the entire home. A center island, stainless steel appliances, and a walk-in pantry make this process easy. Adjacent to the kitchen is our roomy dining area, which is a great place to relax or bond over meals.

Many residents come to Design for Recovery after living in uncomfortable situations for years. In many ways, our Mar Vista home can feel like a luxury retreat. However, residents quickly come to understand that addiction recovery is not a free vacation. Residents take full responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of their home, following a regular chore and cleaning schedule. While taking responsibility for their own living arrangements can at first feel like a burden, residents quickly gain an appreciation for how it makes them feel. Making their home clean, liveable, and comfortable is a source of pride, especially when residents finally sit back to relax on the sofa and think to themselves, “We did this!”

Services at Mar Vista

Medication Monitoring

Individuals who suffer from substance use disorder frequently develop other mental health conditions as well. Many people turn to addictive substances in the first place as a way of soothing the symptoms of their mental illness. This type of self-medication is ultimately likely to exacerbate the symptoms of mental illness. Addiction and its destructive consequences both increase the likelihood that a person will develop major depression, anxiety disorder, and other mental health problems. Design for Recovery believes that for residents with comorbid conditions, recovering from addiction alone is rarely effective. We work with physicians and psychiatrists to ensure that our residents obtain relief from all of their mental health conditions. For many residents in early sobriety, getting a diagnosis and treatment for a mood disorder can be one of the most profound gifts of sobriety. It also makes the process of addressing their substance use disorder far less arduous.

Money Management

Addiction not only damages a person’s mental health, it inflicts serious damage on a person’s wallet. Young men who have substance use disorders tend to spend money recklessly. They may spend beyond their means in an effort to obtain drugs and alcohol. The disinhibitory effects of alcohol and drugs can also cause people to go on spending sprees during drug-fueled binges. Addiction and impulsivity go hand in hand. Developing a strong program of sobriety involves learning to handle money responsibly. During their time at Design for Recovery, residents work to learn new skills, including how to set and follow a budget. As residents earn and save money, we also work with them on developing investment tools so that their resources can continue to grow. Not only does handling money wisely improve the chances of a prosperous sober life, it teaches an essential mindset for sobriety: long term goals are more important than short term pleasures.

One-on-One Mentoring

It is our philosophy at Design for Recovery that addiction recovery doesn’t happen in a vacuum. As a disorder that inherently affects a person’s ability to make decisions, addiction cannot be tackled through sheer individual willpower alone. With that in mind, we ensure that all residents have access to one-on-one mentoring. Through the power of relationships, young men who are new to sobriety can take advantage of others’ experience, strength and hope. For many, connecting with others who have suffered from similar challenges is deeply fulfilling. Addiction is often experienced as a lonely condition, and meeting others who not only suffered from the same condition but managed to overcome it can be a revelatory experience. One-on-one mentoring is an opportunity for residents to connect, learn important skills, receive peer support, and restructure their lives. Not only does individualized attention help people achieve sobriety, it puts them in the ideal position to someday help another.

Family Services

Addiction doesn’t only affect the individual abusing drugs and alcohol. Close friends, loved ones, and family members feel the impact just as much. At Design for Recovery, we also understand that substance use disorders often stem from interpersonal issues or a history of addiction in the family. For that reason, it is essential to help the whole family, not just one individual suffering from addiction. By examining the context of an individual’s life, including close ties with family members, we can get to the heart of what causes a person to abuse drugs and alcohol.

During a resident’s time at Design for Recovery, they not only work to improve their own lives, but to fix relationships with family members. Healing turbulent relationships or resolving feelings of alienation is an important part of the recovery process.

Having a strong support system in place is highly correlated with successful addiction recovery. However, it is just as important for family members. When a person is lost in active addiction, loved ones often feel that they have lost someone. Getting sober is about recovering not just oneself, but these essential relationships.

Employment Support

During active addiction, young men deal with a wide variety of hardships; some of the most difficult and life-altering of these include employment problems. Addiction can cause young men to struggle to meet performance standards at work, get demoted, or even lose their jobs. When addiction reaches a certain point, it can be all but impossible to get another job, and many young men languish for years in unemployment. Living paycheck-to-paycheck or having no source of income can make it difficult to access essential resources. Many turn to their families for support. Others turn to crime. Each passing year can make it more difficult to enter the workplace, given the highly competitive and experience-dependent nature of most careers. At Design for Recovery, we understand that addiction recovery is about far more than just getting young men off of drugs. We work with each resident to get them taking steps toward a career of their choosing. We help residents get placed in preliminary jobs during their residency at our Mar Vista sober living home. While learning on the job skills, residents develop the physical and mental fortitude necessary for long-term sobriety. They may also find themselves again dreaming of careers. By helping residents go back to school, get internships, or get placed in entry-level positions, Design for Recovery allows residents to make headway toward careers that they might have dismissed at one point as all-but-impossible.

What Are You Waiting For?

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Our Mission

Design for Recovery offers young men with substance use disorders a structured, 12-step-based program that helps them stop using drugs and alcohol for the long haul. Our program emphasizes the principles of honesty, integrity, responsibility, accountability, and service. We understand that recovering from an addiction is about more just becoming physically abstinent. Addiction affects every aspect of a person’s life. As such, recovering from addiction entails rebuilding a person’s life from the ground up. Residents at our Mar Vista sober living home work hard to examine the underlying causes of their addictions, develop new life skills, and change behaviors that no longer work. Learning to live a principled life in harmony with others not only allows residents to find joy in sobriety, it significantly decreases the chances of relapse.

Our sober living is based on the idea that sobriety is best achieved in a community. Addiction, which is often known as a disease of isolation, can make people feel alienated. By forging relationships with other young men who are committed to addiction recovery, residents can ensure that they have a strong social support system for years to come. Many of these relationships last far longer than a person’s residency at Design for Recovery. Graduates often go on to share apartments together, help each other find work, and support each other during times of need. As time passes, residents who got sober by taking advantage of the experience, strength, and hope of their more experienced mentors eventually emerge as leaders in their own right. Our graduates are active in the recovery community. They are living proof that sobriety is possible for those who are willing to reach out. The community that we foster at Design for Recovery isn’t only a strong bulwark against relapse, it is a source of profound meaning and joy for sober residents and graduates alike.

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