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Anaheim is Orange County second largest city as well as the most populous with approximately 340,000 residents. Known for its sports stadiums and a number of amusement parks , the city has faces a drug problem similar to the rest of the areas in Orange County. The whole of LA metro area has an estimated 1.6 million people or fifteen percent of the population abuse illicit drugs. More than half of this number qualifies as having a drug use disorder. Illnesses and deaths related to drug and alcohol abuse have increased to eighty two percent. Anaheim as part of the LA metro area , has a significant drug and alcohol abuse problem.

The most commonly abused drugs and substances in the city include: marijuana, alcohol, prescription opioids, cocaine, heroine, synthetic opioids among others. There has been what has been described in some quarters as Opioid epidemic ,where in the city of Anaheim rate of opioid overdose deaths have been higher than the Orange County average. Similarly heroin abuse has continued to take lives while deaths from prescription opioids has somehow leveled off. Overall opioid and heroin related cases such as emergency room visits, hospitalization and deaths have been rising since 2012.

Emergency room visits and deaths involving opioids have increased four times since 2000, where people aged between 18 and 35 were most affected. Those between the ages of 45 and 55 were more likely to die of a drug overdose.

Addiction Treatment in Anaheim

Generally, Orange county and California in general are known for the variety of drug and substance abuse recovery options. Some of the highly rated world treatment centers can be found here. They include a range of residential and outpatient treatment centers, design to eliminate or reduce the drug and substance abuse in communities. For the last two years the numbers of people who have sought treatment here have increased with average length stay being four to five days.

Anaheim drug and alcohol abuse treatment include: crisis intervention, referrals to programs, counseling, prescriptions, detox and after care services among others. The variety of drug and substance abuse treatment available in the city accords proper treatment and recovery for those who are affected by the problem.

Anaheim Sober Living Homes CA

These centers are both government and privately owned; some of the local government treatment programs that promote sober living include: MSCA, Southern California Region of Narcotics Anonymous, The Bay cities Area Narcotics Anonymous and Greater Los Angeles Area of Narcotics Anonymous among others. Hope International University offers counseling services, the institution has established Hope Counseling center which is within the university.

Other treatment centers in Anaheim include: Domus Retreat which is an Opioid Drug Treatment center ; it is describes itself as a private and intimate treatment center which accommodates six patient at any given time providing individually designed treatment based on a deeper understanding of the problem. These programs provide both residential and outpatient treatment programs ; residential programs have a 24 hour care at a facilities where full treatment services , medical and behavioral therapy are offered at one point.

Outpatient programs have flexible timings where those who can take time away from their daily lives and schedules visit a clinic for a number of times in a week. There are also those which provide a combination of two ; in and outpatient programs, for instance those who have opiate dependence find it hard to start abstinence without a short intensive inpatient detox program.

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Located in the heart of West Los Angeles, our residences are centrally located near the beach, downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and LAX international airport. It provides a safe and comfortable base for young men to involve themselves in the community and to thrive as new and growing individuals.

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