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With a population of approximately 277,000 residents, Irvine is home to internationally recognized addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers—facilities which attract wealthy business people, celebrities, and a substantial number of residents looking for assistance with drug-related problems. When compared with other areas in Orange County and the larger Californian region, the drug problem is relatively low in Irvine. 

The area maintains low rates of emergency hospitalization and deaths related to drugs and substance abuse. Irvine ranks second to last in injuries and deaths related to addiction and abuse. Although these statistics paint a positive picture of the city on drug and substance-related issues, there has been an increase in the last two decades.  

Drug and alcohol-related fatalities have risen by eighty-two percent during the period. The most commonly abused drugs are prescription opioids, among them oxycontin, hydrocodone, and benzodiazepines as well as alcohol. Other drugs abused in the area include marijuana, heroin, cocaine, meth among others.

Irvine is home to several drug and alcohol treatment centers that are both private and government-owned. The town has treatment centers that cater to people of all walks of life, and you will find those that target the wealthy business people and celebrities as well as low budget treatment centers. These centers offer a wide variety of recovery programs including addiction treatment, rehabilitation centers, sober living homes among others.

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Sober Living Homes in Irvin, California

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