Sawtelle Sober Living Apartments and Mentoring Programs

Sawtelle is a neighborhood known for its population density and ethnic diversity. While these qualities provide a degree of cultural richness, there is a high amount of drug abuse in the neighborhood. Sawtelle has a population of 38,698Once dominated by the street gang Sotel 13, Sawtelle is still the site of a great deal of drug abuse and crime

While the neighborhood tends on average to be educated and fairly middle class, these population groups are not immune from the perils of drug addiction. Sawtelle is the 71st highest ranked neighborhood in the area for violent crimes and the 22nd ranked neighborhood for property crimes. These crimes are linked to drug abuse and poverty, which themselves form a vicious cycle.

For those living in Sawtelle and seeking an escape from drug abuse and addiction, there are many recovery options available. Sawtelle and its surrounding neighborhoods are home to a thriving 12-step community. Additionally, rehabs, halfway houses, and sober livings provide recovering addicts with safe spaces in which they can focus all of their energy on the process of recovery. 

Staying in a Sawtelle sober living can be especially beneficial, as the dense and stimulating nature of the neighborhood can be triggering for those new to recovery. Recovering in the relative seclusion of a sober living home, such as Design for Recovery, can allow recovering addicts to reintegrate into the world at a comfortable and unhurried pace that carries a far lower rate of relapse.

What to Look for in Sawtelle Sober Living Communities

Design for Recovery stands out from other Sawtelle area sober living homes not only because it is strongly rooted in the 12 Steps of Recovery, but it is also a highly structured program centered on the principles of honesty, integrity, accountability, responsibility, and service. Addicts who are floundering in recovery and repeatedly relapsing can find lasting sobriety in Design for Recovery.

Design for Recovery is committed to the idea that recovery from drug addiction is about more than just the removal of substances from the body. The process of recovery involves dealing with the underlying issues behind the addiction as well as the development of a design for living in recovery. A new and lasting life in recovery involves firmly rooting recovering addicts in a sturdy foundation of principles, moral uprightness, and continued self-improvement.

Design for Recovery offers a number of services to aid addicts along their paths to recovery. These include:

The founders of Design for Recovery bring with them a wealth of experience in recovery and structured sober living. They are passionate about helping young men who are trapped in the cycle of substance abuse. The mission of Design for Recovery is to help these addicts rebuild their lives from the ground up, a process that is demanding yet carried out with a great deal of compassion. Through commitment to the Design for Recovery program, countless young men have been able to break free from the chains of addiction.

Anyone living in Sawtelle who is suffering from drug and alcohol addiction would benefit from enrolling in Design for Recovery, which provides recovering addicts with a safe sober community and a structured program of behavior modification strongly rooted in the 12 steps. Its convenient location as well as its proven track record of helping addicts recover from substance abuse disorder makes Design for Recovery the clear solution for Sawtelle addicts who are eager to find a newfound freedom and happiness.

Sober Living House near Sawtelle

Our residences are centrally located near the beach, downtown, and LAX international airport. We provide a safe and comfortable base for young men to involve themselves in the community and to thrive as new and growing individuals.

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