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Marina Del Rey is a coastal community in California. Known as a major boating and water activity destination, it continues to attract tourists for its cruises, boat rentals, kayaking and more. With a growing population of 8866 as recorded in 2010, Marina Del Rey has also seen a rise in the use of opiates and higher relapse rates.

Marina Del Rey and the surrounding communities of California have noted more than 2200 deaths associated with the use of opiates. The driver behind these statistics is the rise in the number of opiate prescriptions including regular pain killers increasing the rate and the risk of addiction. Deaths from opiates, including heroin, have doubled in the last year. Along with the shocking statistics for drug abuse and addiction, Marina Del Rey has a high rate of new HIV infections and Hepatitis related to drug activity. 

As the county has attempted to reduce the incidence of opioid related deaths and addictions in California, there has been a significant decrease and stricter control in the issuing of specific pain medications. Government initiatives have focused on educational awareness and harsher law enforcement in an attempt to curb the drug problem, specifically among young adults. Drug addition must be addressed with the support and professional aid of a drug abuse treatment program in Marina Del Rey.

Drug Treatment Options

Drug treatment offers a structured program in which patients are taught essential life skills, presented resources and counseled. Drug addiction is a growing problem and requires a structured program in which individuals can refrain from accessing the substance of choice.

For inpatient drug rehabilitation services, the Marina Del Rey Drug and Rehab Resources can help you find a supportive program to address your needs.

Private inpatient rehabilitation programs include Destinations for Teens, the Ambrosia Treatment Center and Aspire Health Network. Discover a range of private inpatient programs in Marina Del Rey and California here

How Sober Living Facilities Help Young Men

Design for Recovery is your trusted drug addiction awareness resource. With focus on reforming the drug problem affecting so many young people, including young men, sober living programs are recommended for all who have successfully completed drug rehabilitation. Sober houses created for young men aim to provide transitional living with the prevention of relapse. 

A safe environment is created in which access to drug and alcohol and related substances are prohibited. This controlled environment provides some independence while assisting young men to make better, informed choices. Also referred to as a “dry” environment, it affords an opportunity to practice the tools and skills taught in therapy.

How a Sober House Can Assist Young Men Overcoming Addiction

A sober house provides an important level of care for individuals who are transitioning from rehabilitation to sobriety. To support your well-being and ensure your interests are met, it is important to find a sober house. While halfway houses can provide a multitude of advantages, not all sober houses are equal. With the following tips you can find the right Marina Del Rey sober house for your needs.

How to Find the Right Sober Living Home for Your Needs

Choose a Location

In Marina Del Rey sober houses are widely available for those seeking assistance, depending on where you work and which activities you are interested in. Make sure to consider traffic and the convenience of the location. Remember, it is important to create as much of a stress free environment as possible.

Consider a Mentorship Program

Many sober houses offer residents a mentorship program to stay on track. This includes adherence to house rules under the private management of a sober living mentor. This is a great way to find a job, return to leisurely activities and build your life outside of rehab with incredible support.

Determine the Number of People Sharing the Sober Living Home

As sober living homes in Marina Del Rey are largely shared, you may want to know how many people are going to be living in the residence with you. Marina Del Rey offers spacious living arrangements in most sober houses if you do not wish to share a residence with too many people.

The Cost of Sober Living in Marina Del Rey

Shared sober houses are considered low to mid-cost depending on where they are situated and the number of residents you are sharing them with. These drug and alcohol free residencies are effective in providing individuals in recovery the assistance they need to live a healthy and stable life.

All persons who enter into a sober living environment must have completed a inpatient treatment program before entering the residence. For Marina Del Rey sober living home, it is important that all house rules are adhered to. This creates a safer environment for all residents on their way to recovery and balance.

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Sober Living Near Marina Del Rey

Our residences are centrally located near the beach, downtown, and LAX international airport. We provide a safe and comfortable base for young men to involve themselves in the community and to thrive as new and growing individuals.

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