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A strong support system will help you stay on the path of recovery Many have found that at Design for Recovery.

If you’re looking to make a fresh start and find support for your sobriety, we can provide the resources that will keep you on the right path. Mentorship is available both in our sober homes.

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Our Testimonials

I don’t know if my son Tyler would be alive today if it wasn’t for Design for Recovery. We were all watching him slide deeper and deeper into despair due to alcoholism and there wasn’t anything we could do about it. And then he was almost killed and wound up in the emergency room (again). This time though, he cried and looked at me and said “mom I can’t do this anymore”. He literally had nowhere to go. But thankfully a close friend was able to come pick him up and take him to design for recovery in Mar vista. They saved his life. They took him in and unconditionally gave him the treatment and support he needed. And then some. They were tough when they needed to be. They worked with him on an individual basis and came up with a plan unique to his own recovery. He now has three years of sobriety and I can’t be more grateful to Design for Recovery for all they did for him. The house is well managed and there is structure. Meetings and encouragement.
Sue B
I know from my son’s experiences in the right sober living house that it can and will turn your life around. Design For Recovery is just that. It gives you the tools to help an addict get sober and stay that way.
Lo Beasley
I highly recommend this soberliving. I personally have met with the owner and he has became a family friend of ours. I sent my brother here and he has 7 months of sobreity and is one of the house managers. There is people who care!!
Carly Colamesta
I’ve sent clients of mine to Design for Recovery to work with David because he and the rest of the staff understand addiction like no one else does. They know that addiction isn’t just a matter of quitting substances and calling it a day. They go a dozen steps farther than any other sober living, working with each resident to build their lives back up. They help people figure out their relationships, their career goals, help them work to get out of debt and deal with legal problems. You name it. Best of all, though, they provide support without hand holding. Design for Recovery teaches young men to know when it’s okay to ask for help, and how to put in the time and sweat that’s sometimes necessary to be an independent and autonomous person in the world. They show people how to be sober, and then they open the door to honesty, integrity, and character. In my experience, people who stay at Design for Recovery stay sober.
Timothy Hurt
Wanted to share the positive experience that our son has had with Design Recovery. He was in 2 prior sober living programs and they were not a good fit. We are so happy that we were able to connect with Derek Eckley and his team. Design Recovery gives their clients structure, when needed, while allowing them to develop independence as they embrace a sober free lifestyle. The team at Design Recovery acts as mentors, but also as friends. The clients are able to have a balance of fun along with participating in sober lifestyle programs. They assist clients with the tools needed for them to support each other as they navigate the challenges of sobriety. Design Recovery has been able to instill hope and purpose with our son and I would highly recommend this sober living environment.
Cheryl K
Great place. I’d recommend Design For Recovery to anyone who needs help with addiction.
Sarah Kogelschatz
My son has had his ups and downs. When he went to California, I was naturally concerned. He didn’t know anybody. Since he has been at the sober living facility, my concern has turned to pride. They have helped him to become the man I always knew he could be.
Hello, my name is Susan. I'm usually not the one to write reviews or testimonials, but I have to tell others that there IS hope for someone who just will not stop using drugs and or alcohol. I chased my son around the country for close to ten years, made sure he made all his court dates, and also watched him go to jail. He tried nearly every drug rehab facility in new england but nothing worked. He somehow made it out to Los angeles california just to get stuck in the same cycle. From rehabs to homelessness on skid row, he just couldn't stop. Somehow after his final detox, he made it to Design for recovery! This program is so different from anything else out there! You can detox your body, but what most people don't understand is you need time to work on your mental stability, along with habits and all the ways you approach life, and that takes time. After his first year there, I just had to see the place. to be honest i was very surprised and impressed with how clean and well run it all was. A beautiful house filled with guys all with that one thing in common. My son had found a place where he felt at home. Where people in charge knew and understood that not everyone is going to get it their first time around. They didn't just teach you how to stop using drugs and alcohol, they taught you everyday life skills, resumes, job searching, how to manage everyday life. There are no words to express how grateful I am for this Program, my son is now over three years sober and is a completely different person. Thank you
My son is 27 years old, he just made the Dean list of his college, he is working a very demanding job and soon he will be a father. Just until about few years ago this would be an impossible dream for me. I was at the bottom of the despair a helpless addict's parent can experience, I was angry at the system and very skeptical about the possibility of recovery. I had witnessed death and destruction. I had lost hope.

In fact I was so desperate that I decided to give a try to this new sober living recommended to me by a kind psychologist. My son was among the first patients of Design for Recovery. That is where his real road to recovery began. I was amazed by the patience and understanding of the team, of their individual approach. The first time the manager Derek said 'one size doesn't fit all', it gave me hope. Derek found a way to reach to my son and to influence him in a way nobody else before him did.

The change did not happen immediately, it took months and months of serious work, followed by clean times and relapses. However our son was growing up and he was changing. Slowly we started to recognize that he is becoming the man he was meant to be. During this hard years Design for Recovery was always there for him. In the meantime, it was there for us, too. Derek and David always had time for us, always had words of encouragement. They became our best support system. They are the reason we are at such happy place today.
Silvia V
Design for recovery is a great start for guys that are wanting to change their lives. They offer the tools to learn how to live a full sober and productive life. The one thing they value the most is accountability witch I think is essential for growth and change. The management there is great. They actually care about their men at the houses and do anything they can to help. I highly recommend design for recovery!
Anthony Trillo
Design For Recovery is home base for those looking to build up a life for themselves. I know countless men who have turned their lives around completely just following the simple guidance that was given to them. If you are looking for somewhere to find your roots.
Quinn DeLoreto
Before coming to Design, I had been to other sober livings, and I can honestly say that this house has found the perfect balance between structure and recovery. I’ve been to a sober living that had no structure and gave addicts too much freedom in early recovery, and I’ve been to a sober living that was overly structured, shielding the addict from the real world.

Design for Recovery has given me the opportunity to go to school and get my degree and bring the recovery tools I’ve learned here into that experience, while also providing me with a level of structure that keeps me accountable to the guys here, my family, and myself. Through my addiction, I was isolated and yearned for connection. Design has given me the community that I always wanted. I am eternally grateful to this house.
Jack P
It's my home. My family. I love the people here. They are teaching me a better way to live and I owe them my life for it.
Zebby Maurice
An incredible sober living home. Design for Recovery stands out as THE sober living home that changed my life. I’d been to other programs, some residential and some outpatient, but they were all just places I passed through before going on with my life. Or my lack of life. At Design for Recovery, sobriety STUCK. Thank you to David and all the other guys there. I have two years sober as of 3am last night. I don’t know if I’d be alive today if it weren’t for this amazing home. Design for Recovery is the place to go for anyone who is struggling.
David Guillaume
I wish I had known about Design for Recovery when I was in college. I tried to get sober on my own a bunch of times before finally landing here. The staff here know how it’s done. They’ve all been through it themselves and have years of experience working with other addicts and alcoholics. But I think the most important thing is that at Design for Recovery, it’s not just about quitting drugs or whatever it is you’re addicted to. It’s about actually learning how to live your life. I sometimes think about how the skills I gained here could benefit pretty much anyone in my life, even people who don’t have problems with booze or pills like I did.
David Coleman
Design for Recovery saved my life in a number of ways. I came in broken and battered and believed that I was far beyond help. It was my first time living away from home and I was terrified but when I got there I was welcomed in with open arms by people who listened to my story and didn't judge me. I was slowly showed that my way of life had not been working for me and that I needed a fundamental change.

Being guided and mentored here allowed me to create a healthy lifestyle and fostered a complete paradigm shift in the way I live my life. My time at design for recovery has not only shaped and strengthened my current sobriety, but it completely changed my life for the better and I am eternally grateful for everything that this place has done for me. I cannot recommend it enough!!
John Moyer
Many lessons were learned. Forever thankful.
Tanner Jandro
I’m pretty sure I called Design for Recovery at 3 in the morning, drunk and feeling like my life was over if I didn’t do something soon. They actually picked up and patiently listened to me. The next day, I was walking through the doors. Design for Recovery absolutely changed my life. The staff are professional, dedicated, and extremely knowledgeable. They create a real community. I didn’t think it was possible for me to live the life I’m living now, surrounded by sober friends who are genuinely happy and doing things they love. I graduated from Design for Recovery a while ago, but myself and other alums will always be grateful and down to lend a helping hand to any resident. Don’t be afraid to reach out.
Clifton Dahlke

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