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Our sober living programs

You are in the right place with many people willing to guide, counsel, and motivate you on your journey. In our sober living homes, we have various programs to help improve your life skills and set you up for success.

One-on-One ​Mentoring

One-on-one mentoring is a crucial aspect of addiction recovery. Through sponsorship in 12-step programs and within the recovery home as well, residents have access to the experience, strength, and hope of individuals who are further along on their sober paths.

Semi-Private Rooms

At Design for Recovery, residents have multiple sleeping arrangements available to them. Depending on their circumstances and needs, residents sleep in single occupancy rooms or in rooms with two to three fellow house peers.

Medication Monitoring

Design for Recovery coordinates with psychiatrists and medical professionals to make sure that residents are getting the care they need. Many men turn to substances initially as a way of self-medicating undiagnosed mental health problems. For these individuals, it is absolutely essential that they receive the proper pharmacological needs that their conditions warrant as directed by their physicians. Many of Design for Recovery’s residents also benefit from medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which helps mitigate withdrawal symptoms and alleviate cravings.

Money Management

Because addiction and its associated lifestyle leads to poor decision-making, many people arrive in sobriety with considerable debt on their hands. Design for Recovery’s staff works with each individual to determine their financial situation and plan accordingly. Through a combination of budgeting, debt relief programs, and employment support, men at Design for Recovery can begin to take steps toward financial freedom.

Employment Support

Unemployment, precarious employment, and losing a job are all common among people with substance abuse problems. For many newly sober men, getting a job or finding a career can be daunting prospects. Design for Recovery works with residents to get them placed in jobs while they live there. Working while pursuing addiction recovery not only fosters accountability, integrity, and self-sufficiency, it prepares men for lives outside of a recovery home.

Group Meals

Design for Recovery holds regular group meals during which residents come together as a community. The house also holds regular meals for both residents and family members. These are great opportunities for families to see how far their children have progressed.


Residents at Design for Recovery have regular transportation needs, ranging from 12-step meetings to outpatient therapy appointments. Design for Recovery not only coordinates transportation in advance for all residents, but staff or residents with more sober time provide support and supervision on all outings.


At a sober living home, it is essential that residents remain confident that their fellow housemates are sober. Living at Design for Recovery means existing in a safe and trigger free space where everyone is 100% committed to addiction recovery. As such, Design for Recovery regularly conducts drug tests on our residents, helping them stay accountable to themselves and their peers.

On-Site Staff

Design for Recovery’s staff members possess years of experience in addiction recovery. With trained staff members on-site 24/7, residents can be assured that their living quarters are safe and that they will always have access to necessary resources.

Family ​Services

No one can get sober alone. Design for Recovery is committed to including family members in the recovery process. Staff members work with residents and families to repair relationships and foster productive communication.

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