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Design For Recovery Is Committed To Helping You Or Your Loved One Live A Fulfilling Life Free From Alcohol And Drug Addiction. Below You Can Find Out What To Expect When You Contact Us For Help.

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Every individual dealing with substance use disorder faces unique challenges. Different substances may require different approaches. Young men who struggle with multiple substances often require a higher level of care. People who suffer from comorbid mental health disorders in addition to addiction deserve freedom for all of their conditions — not just addiction. We also understand that life is complicated and messy; addiction rarely exists in a social vacuum. Family dynamics and damaged social relationships can complicate the process of recovery. A one-size-fits-all approach to recovery will not work for everyone.

Design for Recovery works to make sure that an individual’s stay is tailored to their unique needs and personal situation. Staff members will work to develop a plan to meet all of your needs.

During your initial consultation, you will have a chance to go over your payment options. Design for Recovery understands that active addiction often does enormous damage to an individual’s financial assets and resources. While sober living does cost money, attaining sobriety is generally the best investment in your financial future you’ll ever make. Design for Recovery works with every resident on a personalized payment plan so that they can afford recovery.

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