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Are you or a loved one looking for a sober living program?  Give us a call!

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The Editorial Team at Design For Recovery diligently fact-checks, reviews, edits, and consistently updates the content published on our website.

Design For Recovery is dedicated to connecting more individuals with vital treatments for addressing addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. By educating the public about behavioral health conditions and the available treatment options, we strive to reduce barriers to recovery and transform lives.

Our website features a variety of web pages, blogs, news, and articles related to addiction and recovery, all providing evidence-based content supported by medically reviewed facts and scientific research. Our mission is to assist others by offering reliable, precise, current medical and clinical information written by a team of enthusiastic experts with educational backgrounds in Psychology, Mental Health & Medicine.

Our Framework for Content Creation

At Design For Recovery, we follow a strong code of conduct for our medical and health content creation to ensure that the information is valid and trustworthy. Our team ensures that Design For Recovery’s content upholds the highest standard of medical integrity using the following guidelines:

  • Accurate

Create medical content that is well-researched, reliable, and authentic.

  • Reliable

Identify and recognize the author, qualifications, and sources of the content.

  • Up to date

Incorporate the latest medical research, news, and guidelines at regular intervals.

  • Supportive

Formulate content aligning with user needs.

  • Supplementary

Provide information that supports, not replaces, the doctor-patient relationship.

  • Credible

Cite and reference appropriate sources of published information.

  • Transparent

Provide information that is unbiased toward any brand, product, or service.

Content Creation Process

Addiction and mental health are sensitive topics. That’s why the Design For Recovery Editorial Team carefully vets and reviews every content we publish.

Each medical reviewer is a licensed behavioral health or medical professional who uses their knowledge, experience, and access to resources to analyze and confirm every statistic, study, and medical claim on the page.

They’ll review every cited source and add their own, using information from:


By focusing on quality and accuracy, Design For Recovery aims to be a trusted leader and authority in alcohol and substance use disorders and mental health. We write about addiction and behavioral health issues with empathy, addressing the realities of addiction while emphasizing that recovery is possible and within reach.

We strive to encourage and motivate our audiences to make the life-saving decision to seek help for themselves or others through compassionate and compelling content.

Do you have feedback on our content?

If you have any suggestions or concerns or require modifications related to our content, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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