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Struggling with addiction and finding a safe place to live & recover?

Design For Recovery Sober Living houses provides a safe and supportive environment for people who are recovering from addiction.

Our homes are located in beautiful, peaceful neighborhoods, and our staff is dedicated to helping residents achieve and maintain sobriety.

Our homes offer all the amenities you need to feel comfortable and supported – including private bedrooms, shared common areas, laundry facilities, kitchens, and more. We also provide regular meetings and other activities to help residents stay on track.

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Garden Grove Sober Living Homes

Garden Grove has a substantial number of people suffering addiction; they can get assistance in sober living and drug treatment facilities spread across Garden Groove and surrounding areas.

Garden Grove has a substantial number of people who suffer from drug and substance addiction, however, only a few seek treatment for their problem. Some of the reasons cited for this kind of situation are lack of knowledge on the available assistance, inhibitive costs that are charged by some of the treatment facilities and lack of social and family support.

Like other areas in Orange County, the drug problem is widespread with major concerns being opioids, prescription drugs, marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, heroin among other illicit substances. Underage drinking is a major concern in Garden Grove with close to seventy-two percent of the youth in the area seeing alcohol as something that can be obtained easily. The problem gets worse when more than half of the young people aged between 12 and 20 reporting having taken alcohol at least once in their lives with half of them taking it regularly. Approximately twenty percent of the adolescent admitting to engaging in binge drinking. 

Sober Living in Garden Grove, CA

A report which focused on youth and drinking reported that thirty-five percent of teen alcohol drinkers normally drive while under the influence of alcohol putting them on the risk of fatal accidents and jail time. These teens continue with the drinking into their adulthood meaning that they are highly likely to become alcohol addicts. They are also likely to engage in risky behaviors such as unprotected sex and violent incidences.

Although marijuana is legally allowed in California, its use is widespread across all the age groups. It is a problem with youth, with young people in eleventh-grade reporting using it. This is a major concern as marijuana is mostly considered as a gateway drug. Peer pressure and the legal status of marijuana in the state of California have been cited as having contributed to the drug problem in Garden Grove and the whole of the state.

Problems associated with drug use are numerous especially among the young people; poor memory, compromised decision-making abilities, engaging in risky behavior, experimentation with more hard drugs, depression and other mental health-related issues are some of the problems. However, there is assistance available in Garden Grove sober living for those who are dealing with drug and substance addiction.

Sober Living Homes in Garden Grove

Our residences are centrally located near the beach, downtown, and LAX international airport. We provide a safe and comfortable base for young men to involve themselves in the community and to thrive as new and growing individuals. Enroll in Design for Recovery  Garden Grove sober living program now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sober living is a great way to transition from inpatient care to independent living post-treatment. It reinforces the lessons learned in rehab while providing social support and helping prepare for the daily challenges of life.

The cost of sober living varies depending on the location, how much structure the program offers, and what benefits and amenities are available. For example, some sobriety houses include weekly drug testing, transportation to 12-Step meetings, and employment support—and these extra services come at a higher price than places that don’t offer them. But often it’s cheaper to live in a sobriety house than to go solo because rent is split among several people.

It really depends on the individual and their progress in recovery. Some people may need to stay in a sober living home in Garden Grove for a few months, while others may need to stay for a year or more.

Sober living homes in Garden Grove can improve the chances of remaining abstinent following inpatient treatment. They provide social support for individuals with similar goals. They are safe and structured environments that nurture and prepare the individual for reentry into the real world. Some of the most important benefits that residents receive in sober living homes include:

  • Constant guidance and support
  • A strong sober social support system
  • Improved life skills
  • A smoother transition to independent living
  • Lowered risk of relapse
  • A safe, trigger-free space to pursue recovery
  • Help to find employment
  • Improved relationships with friends and family

Some homes have specific rules about pets, such as breed or size restrictions. Some studies show that pets can play a huge role in addiction recovery. Pets provide companionship, love, and support during this difficult time. While pets are not allowed in all sober living homes, many do allow pets.

Yes, sober living homes in Garden Grove provide the structure and support that residents need to get back on their feet and find a job.

Close family members are free to visit the sober living at any time, though it is recommended that they contact the house in advance to discuss their visit with the house manager.

Design For Recovery also organizes regular events during which family members are invited to congregate with house members.

Regulations around using cell phones vary considerably. At Design For Recovery, we limit cell phone access for residents in the early days of their recovery. This gives them the opportunity to focus on their present circumstances and the present moment, cultivate real relationships with fellow house members, and look inward.

A few things to expect at Garden Grove sober living:

  1. Sober livings help residents to develop healthy routines and habits that support their sobriety.
  2. Sober living homes promote independence. While residents are expected to follow rules and guidelines, they are also encouraged to take responsibility for their own sobriety and recovery.
  3. Sober living homes provide a safe and supportive environment. Residents can expect to feel safe and supported while they are in a sober living home.

Residents must agree to remain drug and alcohol-free while living in a sober living home. Staff members administer drug screenings regularly to ensure that this fundamental rule is being followed. Staff members also enforce several sober living house rules designed to ensure a safe and healthy environment for residents. They also help connect residents with any recovery-related resources they might need and assist them in addressing underlying issues that may be motivating their substance abuse.

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