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Los Angeles Sober Living Homes Design for Recovery

Sober Living Recovery Homes

Sober Living Homes in Santa Rosa serve as a crucial transitional step from treatment and rehab to everyday life. These homes provide a structured, shared-responsibility environment that’s free from substances, supporting long-term recovery.

The goal is to empower residents with essential skills and a mindset that can help them become more self-sufficient and ready to go back to society, thereby reducing the likelihood of relapse.

How Do Sober Living Houses Assist in Addiction Recovery?

Sober living homes offer a secure, supportive setting that enhances ongoing and post-outpatient treatment. The staff at sober living assist residents in reinforcing their recovery skills and decreasing the chance of relapse by offering:

How Sober Living Houses Design for Recovery

Why Should You Consider a Sober Living in Santa Rosa?

Living in a Santa Rosa sober living home offers several key benefits:

Peer Support Design for Recovery

Support From Peers

Being around others in recovery provides emotional support and reinforces commitment to sobriety.

Structured Living Design for Recovery

Routine & Structured

Daily routines and house rules help residents focus on their recovery and responsibilities.

Accountability Design for Recovery

Commitment to Responsibility

Regular check-ins and community meetings encourage personal responsibility and transparency.

Skill Building Design for Recovery

Development of Essential Skills

Residents learn essential life skills, such as financial planning and job searching, in a supportive setting.

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Join a Community That Cares

Designed for recovery and building a brighter future.

See What People Say About Our Los Angeles Sober Living Home

coma Design for Recovery
Damon McCrystal

Excellent choice for anyone in need of support through challenging times in their lives. My brother entered the program almost 4 years ago and has never looked back. Now actually employed within the company and able to help others as they connect with him well knowing he has been in their shoes at one time! Been the best choice of his life and I couldn’t be prouder of him or the staff who helped him get there!

coma Design for Recovery
Taylor Aull

If I have ever felt truly apart of something positive, it would be Design For Recovery. I’ve spent alot of time in and out through different programs, some good, some bad, but nothing even comes close to the experience that I’ve had, and am still having at this place. Truly blessed and grateful that something has actually given me my life back. Professional staff, clean homes, and people that actually care about seeing you succeed. Thank you DFR!

coma Design for Recovery
Alice Black

My son has been living in a sober living home which has taught him how to control his addiction and become a better person. This house is very well maintained and beautiful. Because they have gone through the program themselves and are familiar with it, house managers are able to guide you during the whole process. Attending meetings on a weekly basis and keeping a clean environment contributed to his growth.

coma Design for Recovery
Camille Jones

In my opinion, this is one of the TOP resources that contributed to saving my son’s life. Staff and managers go above and beyond to make sure your transition after detox or rehab is as smooth as possible. If you’re truly committed to your recovery, then this is the place for you. The house is comfortable and in an excellent location. Choosing a sober living home in Los Angeles for my son was the best decision I could have made.

coma Design for Recovery
Juana Black

My son Zachary was at his breaking point his mother and I had sent him to multiple rehabilitation centers and other sober livings. Nothing seemed to work. Then Design For Recovery gave Zach the gift of the opportunity to recover from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. The accountability within the house is amazing. The loving and understanding kindness of the staff gave him a good example of how to conduct himself as a sober person. Zach was never told what to do just given the opportunity to do it with kind understanding, guidance and direction. It was very clear to us that he was in a great place that genuinely cared about sobriety. The opportunity that Zach was given of a safe, sound and sane place to be at while he recovered from this horrific addiction has allowed him to re-establish my relationships with us, his family, Zach’s life was literally saved in this place I will forever be grateful for Design.

coma Design for Recovery
Benjamin E. Palazzolo

Design For Recovery’s sober living environment is definitely the best I’ve ever sent my son to for sure. Micah has been to other places that were not even close in comparison. If you follow their rules and actually open your mind up to new ways of living you won’t regret it. I recommend their sober living for those who really need a structured environment to grow in, the way they have it set up will definitely help change the way you view or do things for the better. It has truly set my son on the right path. Thank you Design!

coma Design for Recovery

This place saved my life when I needed it most!

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How to Choose the Right Santa Rosa Sober Living?

Selecting the right sober living home in Santa Rosa involves several considerations:

  • Certifications & Regulations Compliance
    Ensure the facility is licensed and follows state regulations.

  • Staff Credentials
    Verify the qualifications and experience of the staff.

  • Programs Offered
    Understand the range and types of recovery programs available.

  • Aftercare and Continuous Support
    Confirm that the facility provides an aftercare program and ongoing support even after you transition out of sober living.

  • Amenities and Facilities
    Explore the amenities offered to ensure a comfortable and holistic living environment that supports your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

  • Cost and Financial Aspect
    Assess the overall expenses, including hidden fees.

  • Resident Testimonials and Reviews
    Look for reviews or testimonials from previous residents.

  • Location
    Ensure the home is in a safe and accessible area.

Discover Your Better Self!

Learn to live a sober, vibrant, and substance-free life.

What are the Requirements new.png Design for Recovery

Our Requirements for All Residents

To apply for a sober living home in Santa Rosa, CA potential residents generally need to meet the following criteria:

Why Choose Design For Recovery for Your Sobriety and Addiction Recovery Journey?

Why Choose Los Angeles Design for Recovery
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Questions You May Have

Sober living homes typically cost $500 to $6000 monthly. However, costs vary based on amenities and programs offered. Financial aid and sliding scale fees may be available. It’s crucial to note that insurance is not available to cover these costs.

Yes, we do allow pets in our sober living houses, and we’re proud to say that we are among the few that offer this accommodation.

Sober living homes are not covered by insurance, and residents are responsible for paying their room rent. If a resident does not have a job, our team at the sober living can assist in finding employment, supporting their journey towards financial independence and stability.

Yes, students are generally welcome to join the program. To provide you with more specific information and guidance, please fill out the form below. This will enable one of our admissions managers to contact you for a detailed discussion about your situation and how our program can best support your needs.

While our program is specifically designed for men only, we understand the importance of support for couples in recovery. If you are looking for a couple-friendly sober living option, we can certainly refer you to facilities that accommodate couples.

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