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Struggling with addiction and finding a safe place to live & recover?

Design For Recovery Sober Living houses provides a safe and supportive environment for people who are recovering from addiction.

Our homes are located in beautiful, peaceful neighborhoods, and our staff is dedicated to helping residents achieve and maintain sobriety.

Our homes offer all the amenities you need to feel comfortable and supported – including private bedrooms, shared common areas, laundry facilities, kitchens, and more. We also provide regular meetings and other activities to help residents stay on track.

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Long Beach Sober Living Homes

Long Beach has a vibrant economy and population; it ranks as one of the largest cities in California, a pleasant city to live, a hub of activities, courtesy of the busy ports. Long Beach has a great weather too and ranks as one of the best places to live in California at large. Despite all this beauty and vibrancy, Long Beach has a drug abuse problem, there are many people battling drug addiction; and the problem keeps on growing with lots of concerted effort to fight it; from the local authorities to concerned individuals, a lot of efforts have been geared at fighting a menace that has claimed many lives over a couple of years.

 It is estimated that out of a population of slightly above half a million, approximately 45,000 people are regular users of drugs. A majority of these people use drugs in quantities that perfectly fit the classification of drug addicts. Most of the victims admit using drugs which were bought off the street as well as obtaining them from friends. In 2015, the city statistics on drug related emergency hospital emergency admission showed that 432 cases were cocaine related, heroin, meth and ecstasy had 962, 192 and 97 emergency hospitalizations respectively. Other drugs such as Xanax, Percocet and oxycontin had 481,337 and 384 admissions respectively.

In terms of individual drug and substance abuse breakdown, it is estimated that Long Beach has more than 7,062 people abuse alcohol with an estimated same number of residents combining it with other drugs. The number of people who have succumbed to alcohol related complications has risen and so are the number drunk drivers. 

Sober Living Homes in Long Beach, California

Abuse of marijuana is also high, with 6749 people reported to be victims of its addiction. Since its legalization, the numbers have been increasing as addicts hop from one medical clinic to another getting prescriptions to purchase marijuana. This is one of the issues that has been noted as a catalyst of marijuana addiction in Long Beach; authorities are discussing the issue. It is estimated that 1.18 percent of the Long Beach population is addicted to opiate. It is popular due to its relative ease of access and affordability. Crack cocaine is another drug that has a huge number of addicted persons, it is estimated that 3,441 drug users depend on it daily. 

Surveys have shown that children between the ages of 12 and 18 are victims of drug addiction. They start drug experimentation with prescription drugs and then graduate to hard drugs.
There is hope as people who are affected by drugs can recover through assistance of recovery programs offered in Long Beach and surrounding areas.

Individuals in need of Long Beach sober living and other drug and substance addiction recovery have many options. There are a number of programs that offer detox care, rehab services both in and outpatient. Every resident of Southern California is eligible for addiction treatment services at any Department of Health and Human Services network at no fees. 

Ninety days to one-year-long recovery programs are recommended for those who are recovering. One starts the treatment as an inpatient and moves to outpatient. Also, people learn how to stay active and develop new passions to assist maintain sobriety. 

For those who may need assistance in Long Beach, seek support at our Long Beach Sober Living Home and start a new chapter of life. 

Sober Living Homes in Long Beach, CA

Our sober houses are centrally located near the beach, downtown, and LAX international airport. We provide a safe and comfortable base for young men to involve themselves in the community and to thrive as new and growing individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sober living is a great way to transition from inpatient care to independent living post-treatment. It reinforces the lessons learned in rehab while providing social support and helping prepare for the daily challenges of life.

The cost of sober living varies depending on the location, how much structure the program offers, and what benefits and amenities are available. For example, some sobriety houses include weekly drug testing, transportation to 12-Step meetings, and employment support—and these extra services come at a higher price than places that don’t offer them. But often it’s cheaper to live in a sobriety house than to go solo because rent is split among several people.

The average stay at a sober living house in Long Beach varies based on the individual’s progress in recovery. Some residents may only need to stay for a few months, while others may choose to stay for a year or more to solidify their sobriety and transition to independent living successfully.

Sober living homes in Long Beach can improve the chances of remaining sober following inpatient treatment. They provide social support for individuals with similar goals. They are safe and structured environments that nurture and prepare the individual for reentry into the real world. Some of the most important benefits that residents receive in sober living homes include:

  • Constant guidance and support
  • A strong sober social support system
  • Improved life skills
  • A smoother transition to independent living
  • Lowered risk of relapse
  • A safe, trigger-free space to pursue recovery
  • Help to find employment
  • Improved relationships with friends and family

Some homes have specific rules about pets, such as breed or size restrictions. Some studies show that pets can play a huge role in addiction recovery. Pets provide companionship, love, and support during this difficult time. While pets are not allowed in all sober living homes, many do allow pets.

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Yes, sober living homes in Long Beach provide the structure and support that residents need to get back on their feet and find a job.

Close family members are free to visit the sober living at any time, though it is recommended that they contact the house in advance to discuss their visit with the house manager.

Design For Recovery also organizes regular events during which family members are invited to congregate with house members.

Regulations around using cell phones vary considerably. At Design For Recovery, we limit cell phone access for residents in the early days of their recovery. This gives them the opportunity to focus on their present circumstances and the present moment, cultivate real relationships with fellow house members, and look inward.

A few things to expect at Long Beach sober living:

  1. Sober livings help residents to develop healthy routines and habits that support their sobriety.
  2. Sober living homes promote independence. While residents are expected to follow rules and guidelines, they are also encouraged to take responsibility for their own sobriety and recovery.
  3. Sober living homes provide a safe and supportive environment. Residents can expect to feel safe and supported while they are in a sober living home.

Sober living homes in Long Beach are residences that facilitate addiction recovery. They are designated clean and sober homes. Staff members enforce sober living house rules, the most important of which is that residents remain drug and alcohol-free. As such, every person living in a sober living house is guaranteed a trigger-free environment. Environmental triggers can be extremely destabilizing for individuals in early sobriety, who are often emotionally vulnerable. By preventing housemates from being exposed to substance abuse, sober living homes significantly decrease the likelihood of relapse.

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