Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol addiction is a devastating condition. When someone has developed a physical dependence on alcohol, quitting can result in withdrawal symptoms that are physically and mentally painful; the severity of these symptoms varies from person to person depending on how much they have been drinking prior to their decision to quit and seek treatment for sobriety. In some cases, alcohol withdrawal may be life-threatening if not treated properly. The resources below will help inform you to make the decision that feels best for you or a loved one struggling with alcohol dependency.

You are not alone with this battle. You have our team by your side every step of the way to learn the skills to help you go on to live a happy, sober life.

Alcohol Abuse Resources

cropped shot of african american man praying with holy bible

Bible Verses About Addiction

Spirituality can be a powerful tool in recovery. It can provide you with purpose, support, and hope for the future. …

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Portrait of sad man at bar counter

Am I an Alcoholic?

Have you ever asked yourself, “do I have a drinking problem?”. If so, it is important to know how to …

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One Year Sober: What To Expect

Individuals who try to get sober on their own are likely to relapse. Even after successfully withdrawing from drugs and …

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Finding Sober Roommates

Sober roommates can be essential sources of support for addiction recovery. For individuals who are trying to stay sober, it …

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Sleep and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

What Does Sleep Have to Do with Addiction? It may be surprising to hear, but there is a strong relationship …

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Ambien and Alcohol: A Deadly Combination

What Happens When You Combine Ambien and Alcohol? When doctors prescribe Ambien and other sleep aids, they generally tell their …

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Mixing Synthetic Marijuana and Alcohol

Combining Synthetic Marijuana and Alcohol Abusing synthetic marijuana, which is sometimes known as K2 or Spice, can lead to a …

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Tapering Off Alcohol

Alcohol addiction can be a devastating condition, affecting every aspect of a person’s life and putting their health in harm’s …

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