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Sober Living For Families in Los Angeles

Addiction is a painful mental health condition for an individual, but it is often just as painful for family members and loved ones. People suffering from addiction inflict enormous damage on the lives around them. They can be unpredictable and hard to depend upon. Even if they have good hearts, their behavior can be cruel or even violent.

Sometimes young men driven by a compulsion to use drugs and alcohol check out of their relationships completely. Living with an addict can be torturous, but when our addicted loved ones become withdrawn and we never see them, that can be equally painful.

At Design for Recovery, we understand that addiction affects family members in a variety of ways. Years of addiction can damage relationships in ways that seem irreparable. Witnessing a loved one self-harm and destroy his life can feel like more than we can bear.

The pain an addict’s family members experience deserves to be recognized. At Design for Recovery, we offer sober living homes Los Angeles that provide support for families in recovery. We recognize that addiction recovery involves more than just the individual with the substance use disorder; it’s a process that affects the whole family.

Addiction, A Family Disease

Addiction experts have long understood that addiction is not an individual problem, but a family disease. Addiction often runs in the family, passing from one generation to the next through genetics and behavior modeling. Furthermore, the dynamics of familial relationships often drive people to abuse drugs and alcohol. Healing damaged, codependent, or abusive family relationships is an important part of helping someone with a substance use disorder.

That is why we strive to include families in this arduous, but greatly rewarding, journey of recovery as much as possible. We feel it is our duty to bridge the gap between families and addicts, after years of alcohol and drug abuse that have created rifts, resentments, and tarnished relationships.

It is not easy to let go of a loved one as they begin the process of rebuilding a new life in recovery. Even if you know your loved one needs addiction treatment, the decision to make a change and pursue sobriety can be nerve-wracking. It is a decision that may induce fear, apprehension, and anxious anticipation of what the future may hold. Rest assured that, although we understand and empathize with your concern, your loved one is in good hands.

Healing Together

As your loved one makes his way through the journey to sobriety, Design for Recovery works to communicate with family members and update them on his well-being and progress. Further, we make sure that family members have the opportunity to actively participate in the recovery process in our sober living homes for families.

We encourage residents to pursue outside family therapy as a way to heal damaged relationships. Family members also have opportunities to join the Design for Recovery community during communal dinners.

Having a family member or loved one begin on this path is often scary, because it is a reminder that we have much to work on about ourselves is well.

Whether we suffer from depression, anxiety, codependent relationships, or perhaps merely the traumas that stem from loving someone with an addiction, having a loved one begin addiction recovery can lead us to look inward at what needs to be done to heal ourselves.

Family members often find it helpful to join support groups, Alanon Meetings, or begin counseling. Your pain and suffering is just as valid as the pain and suffering of your addicted loved one. When your family member begins addiction recovery, it is an opportunity for you as well.

Design for Recovery is here for you—the families—just as much as we are for any individual who comes through our doors. You have endured years of pain and frustration. Now it is time to reap the rewards of recovery. Reach out to Design for Recovery today if your loved one needs help. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you might have. In the meantime, never lose hope. There is a solution.

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