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El Segundo Sober Living Homes

El Segundo is located in Los Angeles, California and includes a relatively small population that has grown slowly from 2000 to 2010 to reach 16 654 residents. Widely known for its oil refinery along the west coast, it is also surrounded by the Los Angeles Airport and Manhattan Beach. The county possesses among the most beautiful sights and surrounds; however, it is also widely recognized for its range of drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation facilities.

To decrease the incidence of underage drinking and Marijuana use in the county, a social host ordinance has been issued. This is a city-specific law in which homes, hotels, and facilities knowingly hosting events and underage parties will be held accountable should illegal substances and underage activity involving substances such as alcohol, be taking place on the premises.

A California kids survey had revealed that 4% of students had consumed alcohol in 7th grade. Statistics further revealed that age groups 13 to 14 years had admitted to drinking within 30 days of the report while 15 to 16 year olds confessed to binge drinking only 1 or days from the report’s data collection.  

Sober Living Homes in El Segundo

El Segundo is a small community in California but with a united front to take on the drug and alcohol addiction neighborhoods are facing. The community has held an event in which prescription drugs could be safely dropped off and disposed of.

From hotels to entire estates, initiatives combined with drug treatments are in fully support of stricter law enforcement and its social host ordinance (SHO) laws.

Drug Treatment in El Segundo

El Segundo offers a wide range of drug testing centers. If you suspect a loved one of abusing substances or managing an addiction to drugs and alcohol, you can visit a drug testing center in El Segundo.

Popular drug treatment facilities includes the ASAP Drug Solutions Facility in El Segundo California. The center offers a 24 hour drug helpline assisting in the treatment of alcohol addiction with testing available for drug use. 

When youth face the grip of addiction, drug and alcohol management programs introduced by drug and alcohol treatments including Valley Recovery Center and inpatient facilities in California can assist in overcoming limitations. American Addiction Resource offers a list of private and public inpatient programs in and around El Segundo.

El Segundo Drug and alcohol treatment has been created to provide support and guidance for youth affected by addiction. Young people who succumb to drug and alcohol problems can suffer tremendously, compromising their entire future. From treatment centers to sober living, providing affected youth the tools and the resources they need to make positive change. With programs targeting children and adolescents, it can provide them the options they need for a healthy and stable way of living.

How El Segundo Sober Living Facilities Help Young Men

Overcoming addiction through the successful completion of a drug and alcohol addiction program can be supported through El Segundo sober living homes. Sober houses for young men provide guidance, balance, and the structure needed to transition from rehabilitation to real life. As individuals can rely on each other for support, it creates a true sense of unity and strength helping reduce the incidence of relapse. Sober houses are developed to support young men with the anxiety, stress and fear they may experience upon leaving an addiction treatment and facility.

The Benefits of Sober Living for Young Men

For youth, participation in supportive programs and building healthy relationships through sober living, can make all the difference in the lives of young men.

Sober Living Offers Support

Sober houses can provide the support that individuals need when finding themselves in a difficult situation. Young adults are more likely to react impulsively and emotionally when stressed, anxious or depressed. With the assistance of sober living in El Segundo, they can learn how to cope and manage their emotions through individualized support and a structured, controlled environment.

Sober Living Creates Opportunity

While staying at sober houses, many young men who have completed an addiction program have started part time or full time jobs. The ability to focus on building your health and balance has created an incredible opportunity for self-development and the pursuit of individual goals. It is this sense of independence that improves the success of living an alcohol and drug free life upon returning home.

Sober Living Supports a Journey of Self Discovery

Young men who live in sobriety can explore what they are passionate about, create goals for their future and engage in leisurely activities they enjoy in a safe, supportive environment. Many of the activities and the passions learned through sober living can continue outside of their sober houses. This helps young men focus their thoughts and their free time with constructive tasks. 

Located in the heart of West Los Angeles, our residences are centrally located near the beach, downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and LAX international airport. It provides a safe and comfortable base for young men to involve themselves in the community and to thrive as new and growing individuals.

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Located in the heart of West Los Angeles, our residences are centrally located near the beach, downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and LAX international airport. It provides a safe and comfortable base for men to involve themselves in the community and to thrive as new and growing individuals. Our central location allows easy access from the 405, 105, 10 and 110 freeways. We cater to men who are looking for a sober living home on the Westside of Los Angeles County.

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