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Research on addiction has long shown that helping other people with their addictions is one of the best ways of staying sober oneself. With that in mind, residents at Design for Recovery who have more sober time take on important leadership roles mentoring newer residents. Individuals have opportunities to get involved in community leadership roles even outside of sober living communities. The men at Design for Recovery are active in 12-step programs and support groups. Many perform community service activities, often with special emphasis on repairing the damage they inflicted during active addiction. 
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Sober living homes like Design for Recovery are used to make a gradual transition from the insular world of a treatment center to the more chaotic and unpredictable outside world. At a sober living home, graduates of treatment centers can continue to practice the skills and tools they previously learned. If you’re in Los Angeles just search on google sober living near me and you will see the Sober Living by Design for Recovery. Learn more here Design for Recovery operates two sober living homes in Los Angeles

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