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It is never too late to start your journey of sobriety. Our blog has all the resources you need. You can find sober living ideas, news about events happening in the community, as well as other helpful information like tips for starting a new life with a focus on addiction recovery.

We are passionate about making sure that everyone who needs help on their path towards sobriety will have it. Whether this includes finding inspiration through articles or looking for support from others going through similar situations – we’re here to help.

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Sober Living Homes in Los Angeles for Men

Design For Recovery - Sober living homes for men in Los Angeles, CA. Contact us today. We want to know your story and welcome you home.

Sobriety can be a beautiful thing, whether it is for the first time or for good.The simple act of being aware and present will do wonders for your mental health.

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We believe in the power of sobriety to change lives, and we want to support you and your loved ones on your journey. We’re here for you. Ask us about our confidential helpline, workshops and other resources devoted to the recovery community.

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We are passionate about making sure that everyone who needs help on their path towards sobriety will have it. 

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It can be difficult for many people to tell whether their drinking patterns are the patterns of an “alcoholic,” in part because the word is so loaded with meaning – and means so many different things to different people. 

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Get in touch with us and let’s welcome a new journey of an alcohol-free life. 

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We are proud to provide a sober living atmosphere for young men who are making their way out of addiction. Our Mar Vista location is the perfect place to call home while you continue your lifelong journey of recovery.

Visit our website to know where is our nearest Sober Living Home in your area.

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Design for Recovery is here for you—the families—just as much as we are for any individual who comes through our doors.

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Reach out to us today.

Design For Recovery is committed to helping you or your loved one live a fulfilling life free from alcohol and drug addiction. Below you can find out what to expect when you contact us for help.

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