Clancy Imislund Dead at 93

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Clancy Imislund, a major figure in Los Angeles’ recovery community, has died at the age of 93. Clancy, as he was often affectionately known by the people he helped, worked tirelessly for decades to help even the most hopeless residents of Los Angeles discover a sober way of life. Clancy was the head of Los […]

Staying Sober During COVID-19

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The coronavirus pandemic has taken millions of lives in the United States alone. However, even those who have not been infected by Covid-19 directly have experienced some of the devastating effects of the virus. Many people have lost their jobs and struggle to pay rent. Public health measures designed to limit the rate of infection […]

Discovering Your Passion in Sobriety

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During the first few weeks or months of sobriety, or at least after withdrawal effects have subsided, many people find themselves on a “pink cloud.” They are excited by their newfound sober life and feel like all of their problems have been solved. Learn some of the ways of discovering your passion in sobriety.  While there […]

Finding Sanity and Sobriety in Wilderness Therapy

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For young men who are suffering from dangerous patterns of behavior such as substance abuse, a variety of treatment programs exist. These programs exist to help get them on track so they can continue reaching for important educational and career goals.  They can also help young men whose antisocial behavior has begun to harm relationships […]

Finding a Higher Power in Sober Living

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Alcoholism and substance abuse can destroy lives. People suffering from drug addiction prioritize their substance of choice above all else. They let alcohol, opioids, or benzodiazepines take precedence over, friends, family, career, and even health. By letting substances control their whole lives and make decisions for them, alcoholics and addicts turn alcohol and drugs into a “higher power.”  Part […]

How to Find a Sponsor to Guide You on Your Sober Journey

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How To Find A Sponsor For Your Sobriety For decades now, 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) have been popular and influential tools to get sober. Not only do they have a history of effectiveness with even the most hopeless cases of alcoholism and addiction, but the programs are free and accessible all over […]

Making it Through a Concert Sober

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Enjoying live music at a concert or festival is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Unfortunately, is it associated with many of us with the use of alcohol or other mood-enhancing drugs. Attending a concert or music festival sober can seem unthinkable for those who are new to recovery. However, it is still possible to have […]

5 Things To Write in Your Gratitude List During Sobriety

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It is common for people who have only recently begun addiction treatment to report being on a “pink cloud.” This phrase refers to the experience of feeling that life is wonderful and that becoming sober has solved all of life’s difficulties. While not everyone experiences this pink cloud, the vast majority of people who do experience it […]

Design for Recovery Sober Living Scholarship Opportunity

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Design for Recovery sober living scholarship is offering a $1,000 to help students who fight every day to overcome the devastating effects of addiction. If you or a loved one deal with alcoholism or drug addiction, we want to hear from you.  If interested, please tell us your story. In 500-1,000 words, we want to know what it was like, […]

How Long Should You Stay in Sober Living?

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An addict who distracts himself or herself for an hour or two to delay the inevitable trip to the liquor store is likely not someone you would call “sober” — even for those two hours when they’re not technically drinking. Similarly, it seems ridiculous to call someone “sober” when they use willpower to distract themselves […]

Design for Recovery Hosts OEND Event

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Design for Recovery is not only dedicated to helping addicts change their lives by getting sober but is also committed to alleviating the effects of illegal drugs in the broader community. To that end, Design for Recovery recently hosted an event with the Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution (OEND) program. A representative from the OEND […]

Enrolling in College After Getting Sober

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Addiction affects people’s lives in different ways, usually destructive. But one thing addiction has in common for almost everyone is that it tends to derail the plans they make for their lives. One of the challenges of recovery is picking up where we left off.  For many, this can mean enrolling in college after getting […]