How to Enjoy Vacation in Sobriety

How to Enjoy Vacation in Sobriety cover

It may seem difficult to take a vacation as someone in recovery from drugs or alcohol, but there are plenty of ways that you can enjoy a great vacation while maintaining your sobriety.

Are You Sober if You Smoke Weed?

Are You Sober if You Smoke Weed? cover

‍When you think of sobriety, you probably don’t think of weed. However, many people in early recovery wonder if smoking weed will impact their ability to stay sober.

30 Days Sober: How to Survive the First Month of Sobriety

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Getting Sober in The First 30 Days Getting sober is one of the most difficult and important decisions you will ever make. Sobriety comes with great rewards, but also many challenges. In early recovery specifically, it may seem like the challenges outweigh the positives at times. Early recovery can feel scary and uncomfortable, but you […]

What to do After a Relapse

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A relapse is when you return to using drugs and/or alcohol after a period of sobriety. If you’ve ever relapsed, you may be familiar with the feelings of shame and guilt associated with it. These feelings, along with others, can make it difficult to bounce back. It is important to remind yourself that relapsing does […]

Keeping Triggers and Cravings in Check

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Dealing with triggers and cravings is one of the hardest parts of sobriety. It takes time for your brain to adjust to the people and places related to your substance use. This means that during this time your cravings will be intense and learning how to cope with these cravings is essential. While you’re in […]

5 Reasons to Live a Drug-Free Life

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It is incredibly difficult to quit using drugs and alcohol, however, this decision has significant benefits. Of course, abstaining from drug and alcohol use doesn’t mean all your problems will disappear, but it does mean you will regain control over your life. Living a drug-free life means improved relationships, increased productivity, and more. Here are […]

Redefining Fun in Sobriety

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The beginning of recovery, for most people, is anything but fun. It’s hard to navigate your new reality and altering old behaviors and lifestyles. Although early recovery poses many challenges, it is possible to have fun while sober. Yes, it may take extra effort to find new ways to have fun that don’t involve drugs […]

One Year Sober: What To Expect

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Individuals who try to get sober on their own are likely to relapse. Even after successfully withdrawing from drugs and alcohol and eliminating the physical dependence, addictive cravings generally remain — or even get stronger. With the help of a sober living home, however, individuals can begin to develop the skills and coping tools they need in […]

5 Ways to Help a Friend in A Sober Living House

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Approximately 23 million adults in the United States have suffered from a substance use disorder at some point in their lives. That’s 10% of the country’s population. Given those staggering statistics, there is a good chance that most people know someone who has suffered or currently suffers from addiction. Unfortunately, only 25% of individuals with addiction ever […]

6 Qualities To Look For in a Sober Living Sponsor

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The vast majority of sober livings are based, at least to some degree, on the principles of the 12-steps found in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. No sober living is officially affiliated with 12-step programs, but most of them are informed by the same philosophy. Sober living homes will often recommend or even require residents […]