What are the Most Common Gateway Drugs?

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It is uncommon for someone who has never tried mild drugs to go straight into doing heroin or hard drugs. Oftentimes, the use of less hard drugs gives way to more dangerous drugs. These drugs are known as gateway drugs. The use of drugs, such as marijuana, can lead to the use of harder drugs, […]

Common Household Products Teens Use to Get High

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It is common for teenagers to experiment with drugs, however, it is nevertheless dangerous. Experimenting with illegal or prescription drugs recreationally can result in a substance use disorder. Moreover, when illegal drugs or prescription drugs are not accessible, teenagers often try to experiment with other household products that yield the same sort of high. As […]

Divorce Because of Alcohol Abuse

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Alcohol abuse is notorious for destroying relationships and marriages. A study found that rates of divorce amongst couples with a spouse who has alcohol use disorder are almost 50% higher than couples without an alcoholic spouse. It is incredibly difficult to put up with alcohol abuse in a marriage as it puts both party’s mental, […]

Is Using Weed a Relapse?

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It can be difficult to determine whether or not using weed counts as a relapse. Many people in recovery believe sobriety means complete abstinence from all alcohol and drugs, including weed. Others, however, are more lenient and tend to bend the rules when it comes to marijuana use. Some people still consider themselves sober while […]

Barbiturate Street Names

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What is Barbiturate? Many are surprised when they hear that barbiturates are still used today. Commonly prescribed in the 1960s and 1970s, they are central nervous system depressants that are used to treat sleep disorders, headaches, seizures, and anxiety disorders. Most barbiturate medications, however, have been replaced by benzodiazepines.  Due to the dangers of the […]

Am I an Alcoholic?

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Have you ever asked yourself, “do I have a drinking problem?”. If so, it is important to know how to detect potential signs of alcohol abuse. It can be difficult to tell if your drinking has crossed the line from normal to problematic. Many signs can be hard to recognize and address. Moreover, symptoms of […]

Ambien and Alcohol: A Deadly Combination

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What Happens When You Combine Ambien and Alcohol? When doctors prescribe Ambien and other sleep aids, they generally tell their patients to avoid drinking alcohol. There’s a good reason for this. These two substances interact in the body and can cause unpredictable and often dangerous effects. For many patients, combining alcohol and Ambien may seem […]

The Difference Between Synthetic Marijuana and Marijuana

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Is Synthetic Marijuana the Same as Marijuana? Hundreds of synthetic marijuana products exist on the market, and they are often misleadingly advertised. Despite the name, however, synthetic marijuana is very different from natural marijuana. The misconception that they are the same drug leads many people down a dangerous path of abuse and addiction that can […]

Synthetic Marijuana Withdrawal – Unpleasant and Dangerous

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Synthetic Marijuana Withdrawal Synthetic marijuana, often sold under the brand names Spice or K2, is designed to imitate the effects of natural cannabis. However, it is often far more potent, and it often produces effects that are far more unpredictable and dangerous than natural marijuana. Synthetic marijuana is an addictive drug that is likely to […]

Synthetic Marijuana Overdose

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What is a Synthetic Marijuana Overdose? Synthetic marijuana is the latest drug craze, and it is especially popular among young people who mistakenly believe it is safe and risk-free. This designer drug goes by many names, including Spice and K2. Synthetic marijuana is an artificial drug that is designed to simulate the effects of THC […]

Mixing Synthetic Marijuana and Alcohol

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Combining Synthetic Marijuana and Alcohol Abusing synthetic marijuana, which is sometimes known as K2 or Spice, can lead to a wide range of negative side effects. Alcohol is another legal drug that can often cause significant health problems for users. On their own, both substances can be very dangerous, with a high potential for addiction […]