The Dangers of Replacing One Addiction With Another

The Dangers of Replacing One Addiction With Another cover

‍Did you know that the majority of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts struggle with a new addiction once they’ve conquered their old one? It’s true. Many people who seek help for their substance abuse problems find themselves struggling again in as little as two years.

5 Most Common Reasons for Drug Relapse

5 Most Common Reasons for Drug Relapse cover

In truth, many successful addiction recovery stories include one or more relapses. The distinction lies in how a relapse occurs – and how a person handles it afterwards.

Family Roles in Homes with Addiction

Family Roles in Homes with Addiction - Design For Recovery

Addiction does not only affect the addict but the whole family. Substance abuse has a vast impact and can cause family members to take on certain roles in the household. Unconsciously or not, these roles are developed with the best intentions and the goal to help the addict. These roles, however, often result in family […]

What is a Functioning Addict and Am I One?

Alcohol addiction. Drunk man sleeping leaning on table with bottle and glass

Many people assume an alcoholic is someone who is a noticeable mess or homeless. This, however, is untrue. There are many alcoholics that are capable of functioning normally while still drinking. It is because of one’s ability to function while drinking that they may not even realize they are an alcoholic.  To properly understand alcoholism, […]

How Did DMX get To This Point With his Addiction?

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Rapper DMX (real name Earl Simmons) died at 50 on April 9th following a heart attack caused by a drug overdose. Although the details of the overdose are unconfirmed, DMX had a history of struggling with addiction, namely to crack cocaine, for which he went to treatment. If you’re part of the recovery community, hearing […]

Hunter Biden’s Memoir: 7 Takeaways From ‘Beautiful Things’

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Hunter Biden’s memoir ‘Beautiful Things’ chronicles his experience with addiction and details events in his life that, in some way, contributed to his continued drug and alcohol use. This book offered Hunter Biden a platform to regain control over his life’s narrative, a narrative that has been consistently re-written or warped by others (such as […]

15 Bible Verses About Addiction

bible verses about addiction

Spirituality can be a powerful tool in recovery. It can provide you with purpose, support, and hope for the future. Spirituality, especially in recovery, can also be very complex and what it means to each person can be very different. It is well established, however, that any form of religion or spirituality is a major […]

Sleep and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Methadone Abuse - Design For Recovery

What Does Sleep Have to Do with Addiction? It may be surprising to hear, but there is a strong relationship between a person’s sleeping habits and the strength of their addiction. Many people are driven to abuse drugs and alcohol because they have problems getting to sleep. Drugs and alcohol can temporarily help people get […]