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Are you or a loved one looking for a sober living program?  Give us a call!

6 Qualities to Look For in a Sober Living Sponsor

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The vast majority of sober livings are based, at least to some degree, on the principles of the 12-steps found in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. No sober living is officially affiliated with 12-step programs, but most of them are informed by the same philosophy. Sober living homes will often recommend or even require residents […]

Why Aftercare So Important For Young Men Struggling With Addiction?

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Experts on addiction recovery often emphasize that the most important aspect of recovery is seeking outside help and that is why is aftercare important in recovery for young men. The majority of addicts fail to recover because they choose to rely on their own self-will. Unfortunately, addiction distorts areas of the brain responsible for motivation […]

5 Ways to Help a Friend in A Sober Living House

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Approximately 23 million adults in the United States have suffered from a substance use disorder at some point in their lives. That’s 10% of the country’s population. Given those staggering statistics, there is a good chance that most people know someone who has suffered or currently suffers from addiction. Unfortunately, only 25% of individuals with […]

What to Do After a Relapse

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A relapse is when you return to using drugs and/or alcohol after a period of sobriety. If you’ve ever relapsed, you may be familiar with the feelings of shame and guilt associated with it. These feelings, along with others, can make it difficult to bounce back. It is important to remind yourself that relapsing does […]

First Year of Sobriety: What to Expect

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Individuals who try to get sober on their own are likely to relapse. Even after successfully withdrawing from drugs and alcohol and eliminating the physical dependence, addictive cravings generally remain — or even get stronger. With the help of a sober living home, however, individuals can begin to develop the skills and coping tools they need in […]

Finding Sober Roommates

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Sober roommates can be essential sources of support for addiction recovery. For individuals who are trying to stay sober, it is generally crucial to live in a sober environment. People who have developed good coping skills likely have no need to avoid loved ones or family members who are having a beer or two — […]

How to Have Sober Fun in College

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While it can’t be denied that the ostensible purpose of college is to prepare young people for careers and nurture their minds, for many freshmen entering college the main thing they look forward to is having a fun time. In the popular imagination college is a time for partying, drinking, and hooking up. In fact, according to […]

Finding Sanity and Sobriety in Wilderness Therapy

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For young men who are suffering from dangerous patterns of behavior such as substance abuse, a variety of treatment programs exist. These programs exist to help get them on track so they can continue reaching for important educational and career goals.  They can also help young men whose antisocial behavior has begun to harm relationships […]

Promises of Sobriety Come True for Raiders TE Darren Waller

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It came as a surprise to almost everybody when tight end Darren Waller recently signed a multiyear contract worth a reported $9 million a season. This is a 3 year contract extension coming just as Waller was expected to become a restricted free agent next offseason. When Darren Waller left the Baltimore practice squad and […]

5 Things To Write in Your Gratitude List in Recovery

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It is common for people who have only recently begun addiction treatment to report being on a “pink cloud.” This phrase refers to the experience of feeling that life is wonderful and that becoming sober has solved all of life’s difficulties. While not everyone experiences this pink cloud, the vast majority of people who do experience it […]

Finding a Higher Power in Recovery

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Alcoholism and substance abuse can destroy lives. People suffering from drug addiction prioritize their substance of choice above all else. They let alcohol, opioids, or benzodiazepines take precedence over, friends, family, career, and even health. By letting substances control their whole lives and make decisions for them, alcoholics and addicts turn alcohol and drugs into a “higher power.”  Part […]

How to Find a Sponsor in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)

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Finding the right sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) can profoundly influence one’s path to sobriety. A sponsor isn’t merely an adviser but a beacon of hope, representing someone who has overcome the perils of addiction and is eager to guide others.  With a vast global membership exceeding 2 million, AA fosters a deep pool of […]

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