Sober Living After Tramadol Abuse Treatment

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Tramadol Abuse Treatment More than 130 people die every day from overdosing on opioids. While some might imagine these deaths stem from illegal Schedule 1 drugs, such as heroin, the rate of addiction to legal controlled substances, such as prescription opioids, is in fact astronomical. Find out about sober living after tramadol abuse treatment. Tramadol, for instance, is […]

What Does High-Functioning Bipolar Disorder Look Like?

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High-Functioning Bipolar When people use the phrase “high-functioning” when discussing mental illness, it is usually used to describe someone who seems to be functioning okay in the eyes of others. Most people who have high-functioning bipolar disorder may seem completely put together. Although these individuals may look alright from the outside, on the inside they […]

I Hate My Life: What to do if You’re Unhappy with Your Life

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Why Am I so Unhappy? Have you found yourself waiting for your life to get better? Well, without taking your happiness into your own hands that will never happen. It’s common to fall into a pattern of excuses and reasons why you can’t be happy. Many people wait for something to happen that will make […]

30 Days Sober: How to Survive the First Month of Sobriety

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Getting Sober in The First 30 Days Getting sober is one of the most difficult and important decisions you will ever make. Sobriety comes with great rewards, but also many challenges. In early recovery specifically, it may seem like the challenges outweigh the positives at times. Early recovery can feel scary and uncomfortable, but you […]

What to do After a Relapse

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A relapse is when you return to using drugs and/or alcohol after a period of sobriety. If you’ve ever relapsed, you may be familiar with the feelings of shame and guilt associated with it. These feelings, along with others, can make it difficult to bounce back. It is important to remind yourself that relapsing does […]

Healthy Tips to Cope with Stress

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It is critical to develop healthy coping mechanisms to deal with stress, especially in recovery. For so long you were probably depending on drugs or alcohol to relieve your stress and provide you with some kind of escape. This makes it imperative that you learn new strategies to manage stress and cope with life’s ups […]

5 Reasons to Live a Drug-Free Life

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It is incredibly difficult to quit using drugs and alcohol, however, this decision has significant benefits. Of course, abstaining from drug and alcohol use doesn’t mean all your problems will disappear, but it does mean you will regain control over your life. Living a drug-free life means improved relationships, increased productivity, and more. Here are […]

How Did DMX get To This Point With his Addiction?

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Rapper DMX (real name Earl Simmons) died at 50 on April 9th following a heart attack caused by a drug overdose. Although the details of the overdose are unconfirmed, DMX had a history of struggling with addiction, namely to crack cocaine, for which he went to treatment. If you’re part of the recovery community, hearing […]

Redefining Fun in Sobriety

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The beginning of recovery, for most people, is anything but fun. It’s hard to navigate your new reality and altering old behaviors and lifestyles. Although early recovery poses many challenges, it is possible to have fun while sober. Yes, it may take extra effort to find new ways to have fun that don’t involve drugs […]

Hunter Biden’s Memoir: 7 Takeaways From ‘Beautiful Things’

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Hunter Biden’s memoir ‘Beautiful Things’ chronicles his experience with addiction and details events in his life that, in some way, contributed to his continued drug and alcohol use. This book offered Hunter Biden a platform to regain control over his life’s narrative, a narrative that has been consistently re-written or warped by others (such as […]

Bipolar Disorder Quiz

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Do you ever feel as though you have no control over your emotions? It can be difficult to pinpoint why you may be having so many ups and downs, especially when there is no specific trigger. Doing a Bipolar Disorder Quiz can help indicating if you suffer from this illness. Bipolar disorder is a life-long […]

One Year Sober: What To Expect

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Individuals who try to get sober on their own are likely to relapse. Even after successfully withdrawing from drugs and alcohol and eliminating the physical dependence, addictive cravings generally remain — or even get stronger. With the help of a sober living home, however, individuals can begin to develop the skills and coping tools they need in […]