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At Design for Recovery, we believe that becoming sober involves much more than merely abstaining from psychoactive substances. It is about creating a new life that makes it easier to not use when the inevitable cravings and temptations of early sobriety rear their ugly heads. To quote French filmmaker and writer Jean Cocteau, “The dead drug leaves a ghost behind. At certain hours it haunts the house.” By creating a stable career and developing personal autonomy, young men in early sobriety can step off the emotional rollercoaster they spent most of their lives riding. This not only reduces the chances of relapse, but it provides young men with lives they value — lives that they’d be reluctant to throw away. Follow Our Driving Direction 6499 S Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90003 To Sober Living by Design for Recovery. Learn more here.

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While employment and financial stability can lower the likelihood of relapse, the benefits of employment go well beyond that. At Design for Recovery, it is our philosophy that sobriety is about building a life, not just to ensure sobriety, but to live out ones full potential. Most young men seek addiction treatment not because they hate drugs and alcohol and love the idea of getting sober. Rather, they decide to enter recovery because they’re deeply unhappy, and substance abuse is getting in the way of living prosperous and fulfilling lives. At Design for Recovery, sobriety doesn’t stop when an individual has stopped using drugs. That’s when recovery truly begins, when they can begin changing their lives and living out their dreams.

As people get older and start to mature, they often seek to improve certain aspects of their life that they don’t find fulfilling. From financial to emotional to physical needs, self-help techniques and programs are becoming increasingly popular. The following tips provide you with all of the essential information you need on how to improve your life, no matter which part of it you find lacking. Learn more about 2259 Arlington Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90018 To Sober Living by Design for Recovery


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