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Although it is obvious that depression typically leads to dark thoughts, you should do everything in your power to avoid letting yourself enter into these cycles. Once you start fantasizing about your own death or suicide it can be quite difficult to break out of the feedback loop that makes you more and more depressed.

Keep enablers out of your circle of friends, but surround yourself with supportive people. If you are depressed it might rub off onto your friends, so it is best to speak with many different people so you aren’t bringing them down too.

To beat depression, you must surround yourself with those who care about you. Family, friends, or even a loyal pet can fill this description. They will actively attempt to make you feel better throughout the whole day. Surrounding yourself with positive influences is the best way to overcome depression. Follow Our Driving Direction 1393 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017 To Sober Living by Design for Recovery Learn information about Los Angeles, CA here.

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Design Recovery offers medication monitoring resources to all residents. We understand that during the early days of recovery, much of life is often in disarray. Residents can find it overwhelming dealing with financial wreckage, legal consequences, messy family dynamics, getting employment, or even knowing what time it is. Managing ones intake of medicine can be a complicated business. However, taking care of one’s mental and physical health during sobriety is of paramount importance. In fact, medication management is a resource from which newly sober residents often see their first tangible improvements during early sobriety. Read about 2669 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057 To Sober Living by Design for Recovery here.


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